Camping Basics


First Aid

__Tent__Large water jug and water bucket__Personal medications 
__Sleeping bag__Potholders and oven mitts

__Band aides and bandages 

__Ground tarp__Coolers and ice__Antibiotic cream 
__Sheets/blankets __Pots and frying pans with lids__Aspirin 
__Extra stakes


__Hydrogen Peroxide 
__Pillow __Stove with fuel/propane__Sunburn lotion 
__Flashlight and batteries   __Cook utensils-spatula, knife, spoon__Burn ointment 
__Lantern with fuel __Matches or lighter__Sinus medications
__Pocket knife __Tongs__Eye drops
__Compass   __Charcoal/firewood__Tissues
__Watch  __Skewers or grill forks__Poison ivy cleansers  
__Bug repellant__Dutch oven/tin can stove/box oven__Sunscreen  
__Park maps and directions __Can opener and bottle opener__Coins for emergency phone calls  
__Backpack  __Campfire grill__Antibiotic soap 
__Canteen   __Folding table__Butterfly bandages
__Camp chairs__Fire starters and newspaper__Small bottle of water
__First aid kit __Tablecloth and clips __Road flares
__Hand wipes __Plates and bowls __Blanket
 __Mugs __First aid manual
 __Silverware__Other personal needs
 __Mixing bowl 
 __Measuring cups 
 __Cutting board 
 __Heavy-duty aluminum foil 
 __Ziplock bags 

__Paper towels


__Trash bags

 __Dish soap 

__Dish towels

 __Cooking oil 

__Seasonings and condiments


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