Glossary of Troop Terms


13 The Troop's lucky number. The T35 Scout Law has 13 components. - Learn them well!
Annual Roll Call A twelve-month inventory of bread and pastries. 
Archives One of the four statements of Troop 35 operations.
ASM Assistant Scout Master.
Bean Counter The scout who tally incidents of flatulence at Summer Camp. Also, the Troop Committee Treasurer.
Black Owl Infamous award for unbecoming behavior.
Board of Review (or BR) Advancement conference between the Scout and parents chosen to serve on the Board to examine the Scout's readiness for advancement. Held as shown on the Calendar or by special request (contact Board of Review Chairman).
BSA Boy Scouts of America.
Camp Strike Final Saturday of Summer Camp when parents come to pick up boys after summer camp.
CAZ Our late Scoutmaster Emeritus Carl A. Zapffe.
Cold OV Cold weather overnighters. Boys must be First Class or be accompanied by an adult. 
Contract Quarterly Required gathering of Contract parents on the first Wednesday in September and January and before 40-Miler in late March. All Contract obligors must attend or be excused by the Troop Committee Chairman. Meeting is for parents.
Convoke From the Latin vocare (to call) and con (together). The gathering of all campers each morning of an overnighter.
Court of Awards A ceremony where you receive rank and merit badges.
Double Treats Solid and liquid sugar served at the end of meetings so wired boys will climb the walls after they get home. Under their Contract, parents agree to provide the liquid or solid portion of the Double Treat when asked.
Downslope/Upslope Negative (downslope) and positive (upslope) behavior.
E-Star Troop 35's summer camp on the Eliason property at Fairlee, on the Chesapeake Bay west of Chestertown, MD.
E-Star Work Days Several spring and fall Sundays maintaining Camp E-Star by raking the leaves or mowing the grass, to prepare for the following season. It is a great opportunity for new families to see the best camp on the Chesapeake Bay.

Summer Camp patrol. Eagles only.

Epsilon Prime Troop 35 Eagle Alumni Association. The association provides support for current Troop 35 Scouts.
Family OV Overnighter in the spring where all family members are invited and encouraged to camp with the Troop.
Flyer The newsletter of the Troop, published weekly between Labor Day and the end of school. The Flyer carries news of current Troop activities.
Gym Swym Winter Friday night recreational meeting at a gym or pool.
Hi-Level 2 to 5 PM Saturday gatherings of 35-ers at the Church of the Redeemer. Carries on the spirit of CAZLAB, where scouts could "hang out" and work on rank and badges with ASM's and senior scouts. Merit Badge Books are available at the Hi-Levels.
JLD/ JLT Junior Leadership Development/Training. A special OV for Scouts above First Class attended by invitation only and required for Eagle rank.
JLQ Junior Leadership Quarterly Dinner for older Scouts scheduled the second Wednesday in September, January, and April.

Troop 35 Junior Order of the Arrow. A Troop 35 camping honor voted by your peers at Camp E-Star from among the first year campers.

4O-Miler A Saturday in late March or early April (see calendar) when boys and girls (and even some moms and dads) discover the power of mind over pain. Our annual 40 mile hike to a nearby city (Frederick, York, Lancaster, Hanover, Chestertown).
MB Merit Badge
Natch Naturally
OA Order of the Arrow. A camping honor voted by your peers at Camp E-Star.
Off Base Meetings or trips away from the Church of the Redeemer. 
On Base Meetings at the Church of the Redeemer, 5603 N. Charles Street.
Omega Patrol Patrol for Scouts below First Class.
OV or Overnighter Overnight camping weekends, held eight times a year. Four in the fall and four in the spring.
PF-Ath This was the Personal Fitness & Athletic field at Camp M.
PL Patrol leader. Assists the Superpatrol leader.
Psi Patrol Pronounced: sigh. Parents of boys in Omega patrol (new parents).
Scoutmasters' Conference A conference with the Scoutmasters to determine the Scouts readiness to advance to a higher rank.
Silent Nighter Camping overnight with designated curfews.
Split OV Memorial Day family weekend overnighter at Camp E-Star
SMC Scoutmaster' Council.
SPL Senior Patrol Leader.
Star Salute Five, six, or seven star (Scout oath, Pledge and Lord's Prayer).
Tap Out Ceremony held at Camp E-Star.
TC Troop Committee.