History of Troop 35

Over 75 years of history, more than 335 Eagle Scouts, and the contributions of countless ASM 's, Scouts, and parents, Troop 35 has a rich history. 

Troop 35 was chartered to the Church of Redeemer and began with 17 boys in November 1933. The troop grew to 75 active boys but by World War II, many adult leaders were off at war or busy with war demands. Wartime duties brought Dr. Carl A. Zapffe, a dynamic Harvard-trained scientist and researcher, to Baltimore to work for Rustless Iron and Steel, the largest stainless steel manufacturer in the world and a very critical war industry. Carl had become an Eagle Scout at age 13 in his native Minnesota and received national recognition, so he found himself volunteered by the rector to take charge of the Troop Committee from 1944 to 1947.

After the war, Scout interest remained strong but as often happens in volunteer organizations, parent involvement diminished, responsibilities fell on fewer shoulders, and the Troop languished. In 1955, Carl was asked to return as Scoutmaster for a "one year stint". Drawing on his experiences and beliefs, he developed a completely new type of Scout program featuring a full schedule of varied activities. Soon Troop 35 was recognized within Boy Scouts as an "experimental unit" because of the innovations he developed. He also solved the parent involvement problem by implementing the Parent Contract (1959), whereby everyone agrees to provide a common level of support to the Troop. Carl's energy, charisma, and leadership attracted an enthusiastic cadre of devoted Assistant Scoutmasters and, much to the benefit and admiration of those he served, CAZ continued as Scoutmaster until 1990 and as Scoutmaster Emiritus until his death in 1994. Among his innovations: the Star salutes, Overnighters (eight each year), the 40-Miler hike (1963), the Sleep Off, the unique E-Star summer camp program, The Leadership Rule, Silent Nighters, and many more.

In 1982, the Eliason family granted the Troop two weeks to use each summer on a beautiful campsite located on the Chesapeake Bay, near Fairlee Creek. 2007 was Troop 35's 25th year at Camp E-Star. The Troop's success speaks through its unmatched record of developing Eagle Scouts: over 335 35-ers have achieved Eagle rank to date, and many Eagles have returned in leadership positions.


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