1) Now that we've joined, what do we do? 

Check for upcoming events and start showing up Chum!!


2) Are mothers allowed to go on the campouts?

No, unless it specifically says a family campout.  We offer two family campouts a year, the first one in the fall and the last one in the spring. 


3) Do Scouts have to attend every activity? 

They are encouraged to go because they can earn merit badges, meet new people, and have a great time. 


4) Do the parents have to be active in the troop? 

Yes, because that distinguishes us from the other Troops.  Since many parents are involved it allows us to have our own summer camp with plenty of supervision.  It also allows us to have a variety of merit badges offered because we have many adults certified in different vocations.  


5Can dads stay with the Scouts at summer camp? 

No, the dads have their own section to stay while at summer camp and are only allowed into the patrols for the first day, during emergencies, and the last day.  


6) When and where are meetings held? 

Meetings are held at 7:30 PM on Friday nights at the Church of Redeemer, located at of the corner of Charles and Melrose St.  These are called "on-base" meetings, since the church is our base.  Enter and park on the Melrose (northern) side.  Meetings or trips away from the Church, known as "off-base" events, are held as shown on the website or flyer.


7) What is "PSI Patrol"?

An informal grouping of parents that are new to Troop 35.  The PSI Patrol Chairman will contact you shortly and assign you with an experienced Troop 35 parent whose job is to answer your questions, provide useful advice, and help you become part of the Troop.


8) What's an "ASM"?

An Assistant Scoutmaster.  Troop 35's ASM's are listed on the back of the calendar.  Several ASM's are assigned to each event and work with the boy leaders to make the event a success.  Get acquainted with them by attending events.


9) What's an "OV"?

An Overnighter is a two-night Troop 35 campout.  There are eight of them each year -- four in the fall and four in the spring.  OV dates are shown on the website, calendar, or flyer.


10) What are Troop 35's Tenderfoot Requirements?


a)    The Oath
b)    The 13-er Scout Law
c)    The Motto Slogan
d)    The Five, Six, and Seven Star Salutes
e)    The Key in the Lord's Prayer


11) What is Omega Patrol and Why Am I in It?

Boys who are not yet finished First Class are in this patrol to work on advancement.  You'll also have a "Big Brother", an Eagle or Life Scout who will answer your questions and help.  You will also pick a patrol: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, or Delta.  Of you came in with or are joining friends, you may want to request their patrol.


12) What was "CAZLAB" and what are "Hi- Levels"?

Dr. Carl A. Zapffe was longtime Scoutmaster and Scoutmaster Emeritus of Troop 35.  His initials and nickname were "CAZ".  For many years, 35-ers met Saturday afternoons in his basement to work on rank and merit badges, plan projects, play games, shoot the breeze, and generally hang out!  Alums and ASM's have many fond memories of CAZLABS.  Dr,. Zapffe passed away in 1994 but the CAZLAB tradition lives on in "Hi- Levels" held from 2 to 5 PM most Saturday afternoons in the Church of Redeemer Scout room (second floor, Charles St. door).  Drop in -- you'll enjoy it.


13) What are "Star Salutes"?

We start every meeting with Five, Six, and Seven Star Salutes:
a)  Five Star: "The highest rank a man can achieve is the five star general.  Troop 35 represents this with the Boy Scout Oath"
b)  Six Star  Above every man is his country.  Troop 35 represents this with the Pledge of Allegiance"
c)  Seven Star: "Above every man and his country is God.  Troop 35 represents this with the Lord's Prayer."


14) How do I earn Merit badges?

a)  Get the Boy Scout Merit Badge book and check out the requirements (books are available at Hi- Levels) or go to www.meritbadge.com to review the requirements.
b)  Get the name of the counselor that counsels the badge you want to get. Counselors can be found at our on-line Merit Badge Counselor listing or ask an ASM.
c)  Work on requirements at home and at Hi- Levels.  The counselors may provide assistance.